Self portrait 2020 electronic oil.jpeg

Andrew J Bannister

Born 1957, Eastbourne, England, Andrew briefly studied art at Eastbourne College Art and Design, before starting off on his travels around the world, eventually visiting nearly 60 countries, a spell in the Royal Air Force as a photographer and ending up as an architect in Dubai, where he lives to this day... 

Andrew has plenty of ambition.   Apart from his architectural and development interests, he is rediscovering his art, after a gap of some forty years... His original works, from when he was still a teenager, were mostly painted on the old organ housings as oil on wood, which originated from Glynbourne Opera House in Sussex, where his late father was once the resident carpenter, and the pine panels were being disposed of.. but alas.. those originals were not recorded, and maybe still exist somewhere.. based around painting to music, those works if they still exist, were inspired by operas, each one painted by candle light ,whilst living at his fathers house in Eastbourne and where there was no television, computers, only vinyl records and plenty of books.

Now working in both Oils and Digital media.. and experimenting with glass and wood, Andrew will be showing new works later in 2020...along with some photographic imagery of his architecture, built in Dubai..